OTLO Stones

OTLO® Stones is an intense brain teaser where up to four players compete to reproduce patterns using two layers of tiles. OTLO Stones challenges your logical skills with multiple levels of difficulty. Solutions are included.

Cognitive stimulation

OTLO Stones offers cognitive stimulation by engaging critical thinking, pattern analysis, and problem-solving skills. By participating in these mental activities, the game effectively stimulates the brain and enhances cognitive function.

For all ages

OTLO Stones is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Many of the game's top performers are teenagers, as this age represents a period of fresh and rapid thinking capabilities.

Give it away

Otlo Stones is an excellent gift choice as it provides an entertaining and mentally engaging experience, delivering enjoyment, challenges, and a rewarding sense of accomplishment, all in a single package.

Go solo

When playing solo engaging in OTLO Stones can be a great way to unwind and relax. Focusing on solving puzzles can divert your attention from stressful thoughts and provide a much-needed mental break.


Read the rules in English below or download them.

Download links: English German French Danish

Game setup

  1. Give each player a set of six tiles in one color.
  2. Shuffle all the challenge cards.
  3. Create piles of four random face up challenge cards in the center of the table. Make as many piles as there are players. Skip cards that are too easy or too hard for your taste. We recommend playing with only 1-star cards if this is your first game.
  4. Remove leftover cards and tiles from the game.

How to play

The game begins and all players start solving challenges as fast as possible. A player can choose to complete any of the top-most cards. While multiple players may attempt to solve the same card simultaneously, only the quickest player will score it.

How to solve a challenge card

To solve a challenge card, you need to replicate the pattern shown on a card by placing tiles in two layers.

  • A tile must always be placed within the boundaries of the pattern as shown on the card.
  • The bottom layer of tiles always fill out the shape of the pattern completely.
  • A tile in the top layer is allowed to overlap two tiles in the bottom layer.
  • More than two layers are not allowed.
  • Sometimes you need to use all six tiles but not always.
  • Some challenges have multiple solutions.

After solving a challenge, shout out “OTLO!” to signal to the other players to pause and verify your solution by comparing your tiles with the challenge card. If your solution is correct, you score the card by taking it. However, if you made a mistake, you are not allowed to complete that card anymore. After that, the game continues.

How to win the game

When there are no more challenge cards remaining or if no player is allowed to solve any of the top-most challenge cards, the game comes to an end. At this point, each player adds up the number of stars they’ve earned, and the player with the highest score wins. If there is a tie, the victory is shared among the tied players.


OTLO Stones is designed by the Danish award-winning game designer Jeppe Norsker.

Norsker Games K/S
Phone: +45 26 73 82 18
Email: jeppe@norsker.com